“I’m going to live in the woods!!”

Fess up. You’ve said it. In a moment of frustration with everyday nonsense, you have blurted out something to the effect of, “I’m getting rid of everything I own and I’m moving to a cabin in the woods where no one can BUG me!!” Kind of like going Tiny, huh. But could you, really? Can I??

I am finding my responses to the honest queries of friends, family and total strangers. “Why would ANYONE want to give up their things?” “Won’t you be cramped?” “What if you NEED something?” “I could never do that.” “That’s the dumbest thing I ever heard.” “You’ve lost your mind.” “I’ve always wanted to do that!” “HOW many square feet?!?!?” “Are you going to have a toilet?” (Haha! YES!!)

I didn’t just start thinking of Tiny living this year or last. I remember as a small child, seeing little places and thinking how cool it would be to have that space as my entire living area. I guess I brushed it off as kid stuff- like who didn’t want a cool fort or playhouse when they were young? It never went away though. That feeling that I could do with less, or as I accumulated extra dishes, clothes, books, furniture, kitchen items and the rest, wondering when I would ever USE it all. So, I did what I thought everyone did. Boxed it up, kept the reasonably useful things out, and filled up my house. Now, as I have pared down to what I will keep, it’s more like everything that I call mine has a meaning, a history, or a purpose. I haven’t “given up” anything.

Eleven months ago, in preparation to living Tiny, I started the purge of my house. For the past 6 months, I have not used my living room (200 square feet), the foyer outside my bathroom (80 square feet), the front bedroom (110 square feet), the dining room (120 square feet, except to sit at a tiny table and drink my morning coffee), the third bedroom (110 square feet, except to sit at my desk and sew). I used the bathroom, which is quite big for my vintage cottage, my kitchen, which is typically small c 1948, and my bedroom which is dwarfed by my king sized bed. So. Of the 1,200 square feet available for me, I have been living in 580 of them. I think I got this. We shall see!

Scared I will need something I gave up? Ummm…it’s the USA. I can hit up WalMart and get a replacement flashlight. Or a new lamp. At 3 a.m. I promise, the things I have eliminated are things I have not used in a month of Sundays. I’m not even concerned.

You couldn’t do this? Good news- you don’t have to! My typically polite answer runs more like “Oh Tiny Living isn’t for everyone, but I’m at a place in my life where I think it’s perfect for me!” My circus, my monkeys. Bless your heart.

It’s the dumbest thing you ever heard? My dear Dad. He’s furious. Turned purple while he was yelling at me for building a “Midget House.” He’s 88. He doesn’t do computers or keep up with housing trends. I’m sorry you think it’s (I’M) dumb. I can’t spend time explaining and justifying- I don’t have to, I don’t need to. Love you, Dad.

Perhaps, yes, I’ve lost my mind. I believe that may not be related to going Tiny, however. I’m old, and I give credit especially to Emily, Katie and Mary for propelling me along the path to crazy. I think I am doing satisfactorily, though and thank you for your concern!

You’ve always wanted to do that? I recommend then that you do. Whatever it is. Life won’t wait for you. Make a plan, break it down into steps, and get to work. I’m reading about Goal Setting and I am diligently using a planner this year. I am sharing as I go Tiny so that if that’s your dream as well, maybe you won’t have to reinvent the wheel as you go!

Square feet? Somewhere in the neighborhood of 315, give or take. I have not seen the title to “my” trailer yet. My plans tentatively include a kitchen, living room, sewing room, closet and bathroom. With a flush toilet. There are two lofts, one with my bed and one for the grandbabies- because sleepovers at Mammaw’s are where it’s AT! I think it will be plenty. Do I know for sure? No. I’ve never lived Tiny before. There are SO many options when building though! I have made a list of my “must haves” and my “I don’t need” items, and I’m going to live in the woods. With everything I need and want. Yep. Y’all come see me!