IMG_1381This is my “holy moly I’m building a Tiny House” face! I’m Sophie, and I under grew my house. Twice. Once upon a time, I (thought I) needed more. But now, as I sit at my little table and drink my morning coffee I know better. I cook. I shower. I sleep. The living room is empty, as is the dining room (except for my little table), and the front bedroom. My sewing supplies have 100 square feet to morph into. It echoes when the dog barks. I have to heat and cool 1,200 square feet, dust it, look at it. Oh I could fill it up, but I don’t want to. I don’t need stuff. It’s super fun NOT having it! I don’t have to store it, lose it, replace it, or wish I had stuff like someone else. Living Tiny has always fascinated me- so here I go!


3 thoughts on “About

  1. “Yay ” to you & your permanent tiny house! Congratulations. Regarding waste: have you heard of the Biffy? (biffy.com) think bidet but attached to your toilet. Cuts down on tp -big time – depending on your hygiene habits. ( I like to air myself dry, personally) Rock on, Sophie. My house is not tiny 823 sq.ft. ! A mansion! But I m getting tinier down the road. 🙂


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