SO, yes, I’m a slacker!! You thought I had melted…….like the wicked witch LOL

Guess what???? I WENT TO THE TINY HOUSE CONFERENCE!!!! OH.MY.GOODNESS!!!! A national gathering of like minded folks- amazing does not describe this thing!! We got to TOUR Tiny Houses and learn EVERYTHING about them! And, it’s going to be in Portland, Oregon next year so find some frequent flyer miles and come along. I really want to go back…

I am now even MORE motivated (if that’s possible!) to begin the build of my very own Tiny House. May I add that this is not for the faint of heart, as I imagine building any house would be- it is more difficult than I thought to make a PLAN. On wheels or off? Square or rectangle? Lofts or nah? Ladder or stairs? Electric or gas? On grid or off?? You would think I had pondered this enough, and living the Tiny Life this past 2 months has been INVALUABLE, but when it comes down to deciding- I wish I could just throw all my wants into a machine and the perfect design would pop out, finished….


Ok that didn’t work. So this is what I am thinking (TODAY, right this minute. All thoughts subject to change):

I believe that I want a TH on a foundation of some sort, so that it can be 12 feet wide. 24 feet long. That’s 288 sf for the math challenged among us. Still ABLE to be moved, but not able to be towed by me. That’s ok- I don’t plan on being in perpetual motion anyway. 2 lofts, one 4 feet, one 6 feet. The smaller loft for storage, the larger loft for sleeping. Stairs to the larger loft and a ladder (maybe even an aluminum ladder brought in only to access that storage space). I need a decent sized refrigerator, and a cooktop of some sort. I’m Beta testing an induction cooktop now to see if “simmer” is possible. I’ve heard it’s either off or scorch, but I need to determine that for myself. I will use a convection/ toaster oven, so if you want 12 dozen cookies or a turkey dinner ima need an invitation to use your oven 😉 mmmmkay thanks!

My bed will be on the “first floor”, queen size, and will have the closet underneath the bed. I am not planning to be off grid, so sign me up for a flush toilet and a shower. Planning a tankless water heater, but the propane vs. electric decision depends entirely on how I go with the cooktop thing.

I also plan a screened in porch, because in this climate there are about 7 months that we can spend at least some time outdoors. But mosquitos= state bird, so…

Since I am managing storage in my current 285sf quite well, with no planning or built ins, I feel really good about a custom space as far as being able to keep what I wish to have in my house. “Cheating” is what some Tiny Housers call it when you have an external storage building for things that don’t fit. I can see that, possibly- I mean, I don’t plan to keep my bicycle inside my house, or the generator for that matter! That’s a choice I will make later. For now, it’s nuts, bolts, wires, fixtures and graph paper. Lots and lots of graph paper. Yes I know there are apps. I’m old. I’ll use an app when I know what I want for SURE. I hope to have a schematic of some sort by my next post, which I will try to make soon 😀