“So, do you hate it yet?”

Thanks for your concern, but so far I love it here! Sorry for the delay in posts, I’ve had a bit of a bumpy month but none of that had to do with my Tiny House, so yay! One month in, and all is well. Best thing so far is learning to embrace the many facets of minimalism. Worst part? No washer/ dryer. Convenient, reliable affordable laundry options are on the discussion list, although my clothes are clean, so I’m muddling through. With spring weather might come a clothes line and my hand crank washer, so I will be ok! Because of the lack of laundry options, I have resorted to paper towels and disposable doggy pee pads- I’m not used to that, but for now I have to go with them.

I’m excited to show you my kitchen today. The small refrigerator learning curve has been great. Cooking for one is easy; cooking ahead and packaging several meals for eating during the week would be grand except I can’t store the prepared food in my available refrigerator space. I had the great idea to buy 8 yogurts when my fave was on sale and I almost had to eat a couple that night… but I got them all in there! Meal prep and planning is a work in progress. I was also concerned about the no- oven thing, but my toaster oven is very nice and bakes evenly and consistently. I invested in a set of baking pans sized for a toaster oven, and I’m breaking them in this weekend on some meatballs. I have also made a king sized batch of chicken salad and used my pressure cooker/ slow cooker for a couple of other nice large scale prep efforts. I could comfortably entertain at least 4 adults for dinner inside. I did measure the interior dimensions of my house; it’s 15x 19. Feet. 285 square feet total. IMG_1641


So without further adieu, here’s the video “tour” of my tiny kitchen!

Other kitchen pics in Photos!!


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