The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking. -Albert Einstein

So things are surely changing in my world, and I couldn’t be more excited about it! Tippy and Heidi are nervous about all of the packing. They know something’s up. I’m planning three more sleeps in my “big” house, and then it’s Tiny or bust. I can’t believe I found a TH to rent while I am building. This image isn’t a Google generic; it’s my for real new house. Yes, it has heat/air/electricity and running water. Yes, shower and flush toilet. I’ll post interior pictures once I move in. It’s a little too “not me” right now- needs some cozying up! You can’t see the amazing little back porch with a perfect view of the woods. I can’t wait to have my coffee there.IMG_1376

I have yet to measure it, but I’m sure you can see it is definitely Tiny. Surprisingly, parting with “things” has been much easier than anticipated. My new goals include reducing my footprint in any way that I can. New kitty litter. Less toilet paper and Kleenex. Making some cloth bags to take to the grocery store to use for produce instead of those plastic bags. Throwing less things away at home- by purchasing less “packaging,” composting more and reusing everything I can. I should be able to rework my budget and adjust some things to better suit achieving financial goals (don’t we all have THOSE… the lottery thing didn’t work so well for me!)

I gave away my 13 gallon kitchen trash can. Sold my washing machine. Gave my dryer to my daughter. Gave my bed to another daughter. Dressers, recliner, couch, tv, end tables, coffee table, piano, rugs. Returned the lawnmower I had borrowed- as you can see, I won’t need that! Gone. IT FEELS AMAZING! My “keeps” include my best cookware, my sewing machine, a dog bed big enough for my pack, and some cute little glass topped nesting tiny tables.

I’m hoping to be able to move almost everything by myself. My generous neighbor is letting me borrow her pickup to take things where they need to go, and my Fiat (oh yes, I have a Tiny Car, too!) will likely have to make a few trips.

Change. I’m not nearly as opposed, afraid, or resistant as I used to be. Change is an adventure to me. It is a constant. Often, I can change what I don’t like. If that’s not possible, I can change the way I react and adapt. So here goes! Pictures of the move and the new place coming soon. Pray the massive snow and ice doesn’t get this far south and east.


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